Stranded drivers frustrated by sideshows in Oakland, South Bay

Some drivers say they were frustrated after illegal sideshows were held across Oakland and San Jose this weekend, all of which were caught on camera.

The most recent was reported Sunday about 10 p.m., as drivers were trying to leave the Oakland airport and got caught up in the backup of a sideshow. Witnesses said the illegal event lasted for nearly an hour, blocking traffic.

And on Saturday, at least three sideshows popped up in broad daylight in the South Bay. 

"Yeah, we’re stuck right here," said one woman who didn't want to be identified as she sat stranded near the Santa Teresa Boulevard off-ramp on the 87 freeway. "I think it’s stupid. I think it’s a waste of time. If they want to do this, to each their own but don’t be holding up other people." 

Two other locations in the South Bay were also interrupted by sideshows on Saturday: an intersection in front of Great America in Santa Clara and at Lundy Avenue and Concourse Drive in San Jose. 

The sideshow drivers burned their tires in the street, spinning in circles and creating clouds of smoke. Hundreds of spectators showed up. And many motorists were mad they couldn't get through safely. 

"They should let us go. I’m stuck. I have to go to work," said Kim, another driver who was stuck waiting for the sideshow to end. "I have the kids in the back, we just want to go home."  

In July, San Jose Police issued over 500 citations at a side show involving over 200 cars at 10th Street and Alma Avenue. 

Two firearms were confiscated, and seven arrests were made. 

San Jose police did respond to the multiple sideshows in the South Bay on Saturday, but so far, no word yet on if any arrests were made.