Strangers turn cross-country flight into touching tribute to man's dying sister

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In a story that will restore your faith in humanity, a California man used a cross-country flight as an opportunity to show support for his dying flight attendant sister.

After being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, Southwest Airlines flight attendant LouAnn Alexander was forced to abruptly retire from the career she had enjoyed for more than 30 years.

Her brother, Rex Ridenoure was taking a flight from Baltimore to Los Angeles to visit her at a hospice center in Phoenix when he came up with an amazing way to turn the flight into a farewell celebration.

Ridenoure described his beloved sister and her terminal diagnosis during a short speech to the cabin over the PA system, asking for the crew and passengers to write her notes of support and encouragement on the drink napkins.

By the end of the flight, Ridenoure received 94 heartfelt notes.

He later posted a video of the notes to give LouAnn and her loved ones a glimpse of what the passengers had done: 

And then followed his post up with an entire photo album dedicated to his sister and her farewell flight. 

He called it, "2016 March 12: The 'Leaving LUV for LouAnn' Flight". Inside, he shared a touching note to his sister and photos from her past,  along with pictures of each and every napkin note.

Some had drawings; others had well wishes, but there was at least one thing each and every one shared: They would give LouAnn the proper goodbye her brother knew she deserved. 

LouAnn passed away April 5 in hospice care, according to family. 

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