Student stabbed at Overfelt High School in San Jose

A South Bay high school freshman is recovering from surgery this afternoon, following a knife attack at his school campus. His injury is described as non life threatening. San Jose police arrested two suspects, and now investigators are trying  to determine what prompted the stabbing, which sent students and their parents into a panic. At Overfelt High School, there was an earlier than normal exit for dozens of students.. This was prompted by the violence and a subsequent shelter-in-place.

"I was like scared and confused. I [didn't] know what was going on," said student Jordenne Galdamez, as she left school with her older sister.

San Jose police detectives say around nine o'clock this morning, two juveniles stabbed a 9th grader behind the gym at Overfelt High School. Police don't know what prompted the stabbing, but at least one of the suspects entered from off-campus; the other is an Overfelt 10th grader.

"Our students, when they come to and from school, they have to go through some tough neighborhoods. and so sometimes what carries on in the neighborhood hits the campus," said district superintendent Chris Funk.

Investigators say there was an altercation between the suspects and the victim, at which point they stabbed him at least once. Teachers and staffers held the two suspects until San Jose police arrived to make the arrests.

"Those suspects were transported to the police department. the school and the community are currently safe. there's no outstanding suspects," said San Jose police lieutenant Steve Lagorio.

The school of 1,500 students was placed in a security shelter-in-place, while investigators processed the scene. Dozens of students, shaken by the violence, called their anxious parents for an early pick-up.

"They put us on code red which is a lockdown. they barricaded the doors.  and then they put us on code blue and nobody could leave the room," said Overfelt student Jazmarie Jones.

The sister of one of the students who left early explained why she rushed over to the East San Jose high school to pick up her sibling, saying, "oh, to make her safe. that's all what I think...yeah, that's why I came to pick her up."

Police and the district superintendent credit swift action that led to the two arrests, and the safety of all students. The identities of those involved, the suspects and victim, are being withheld since they are juveniles.