Students, alumni attend citizenship ceremony for Pleasanton track coach

In the auditorium of Foothill High School in Pleasanton, the man many students call "Coach Jorge" officially took a special oath and achieved what's he long wanted... to become a US Citizen.

Jorge Aguilar is an immigrant from Mexico, a much revered track coach at Foothill High for the past 10 years. And now, a US Citizen.

"Makes me feel proud. Makes me feel happy for this time," said Aguilar.

Dozens of current and former athletes he coached came to celebrate.

"He's just done so much besides just being my coach. Life skills I've learned that without him I don't think I would have ever learned," said Belle Aduaka, a former track star who graduated last year.

"I always put school first, because they are going to earn their degree," said Aguilar.

Aguilar met his American wife in Mexico City. The couple moved to Pleasanton 16 years ago. Their two kids are US citizens. Now so is the whole family.

"I think he really wants the opportunity to give back in a way. He can give back," said his wife Liz Paul.

Immigration officials say it is not unusual to hold swearing in ceremonies at schools where students can get a civics lesson.

Aguilar says he is humbled so many of them came.

"When we're in town and people walking or yell out of the cars 'hey Coach Jorge!' It's just because he makes everyone feel important" said Paul.