Students use day off to surprise beloved mentor at work

After driving his bus, Wichern spends his nights training students at JJ Trained Wrestling School for 30 hours a week-- but it’s not just about wrestling techniques. 


“When we moved to Eden Prairie, my oldest was being bullied at school, had low self-esteem,” said parent Amanda Gau. “He's really changed his life. He's now a leader in school, he taught him how to build his confidence.”

Wichern also teaches them how to be a better person-- the type of person that goes out of their way on a day off from school to show their gratitude. A busload of that gratitude was present on Metro 515 as children chanted, “Jeff! Jeff” Jeff!”

“There’s times you wonder if you’re appreciated and then something like this happens, and you realize you are appreciated more than you ever thought you could be,” said Wichern. Because coaches can always use some encouragement too. Watch the video to see how much these kids care about their coach.