Sunnyvale couple drives to Mount Hamilton to catch rare glimpse of snow for 53rd anniversary

Snow covered many Bay Area peaks and hillsides Tuesday including Mount Hamilton.

Driving up Highway 130 in Santa Clara County looked like a winter wonderland with snow covered-trees and hillsides.

"It's really pretty. I'm from Morgan Hill so we don't always get to see this stuff," said Kim Palmer.

At the top of Mount Hamilton, several inches of snow covered the cars and roofs at the Lick Observatory.

"I've been here for five years. This is the most I've seen it snow. It usually snows every year but this is the most I've seen it," said Joe Halay, who works at the observatory.

The National Weather service says eight inches of snow fell on Mount Hamilton.

Seeing the snow-covered peaks inspired many to try and make it a snow day. But the road to Mount Hamilton remained closed to the public due to the weather conditions.

"The road is pretty hazardous in its own right. You add snow to's slick and winding and very thin in spots, a lot of blind turns. It's kind of scary," said Halay.

Drivers were turned around at Grant County Park, including Jennifer Bumb of San Jose was hoping to give her 4-year-old daughter her first snow experience.

Instead, they got a "snow selfie" and said just seeing the snow from a closer vantage point was a treat.

"Way better in person than it is in pictures. It's stunning. It's beautiful," said Bumb.

One married couple from Sunnyvale also made the drive to see snow as they celebrated their 53rd wedding anniversary.

"I do know that Mother Nature is the best gift I could give her," Wolf Neumann said about his wife.

Neumann says he and his wife Vera are soul partners who spent their honeymoon skiing so a walk to see the snowy sights seemed fitting.

"I was excited to get his card this morning and he said "I'll do it all over again and again and again. And I said 'ditto'" said Vera Neumann.

A heartwarming sentiment, on a cold winter day.