Sunnyvale kids raise money to buy third-world families goats

"They wanted to learn more about We Act and Free the Children, and it really came from the students. They will be changing the world by bringing in change," said Academy Principal Diane Rabago.

The students divided into 15 groups, one person from each age group, starting at kindergarten through eighth grade. Each group decorates its cardboard goat and has a jar to collect as much change as donors will give.

To emphasize the importance of raising the money, a special guest star was invited to attend.

11-year-old Tiana Hoy brought her little goat Star to introduce to the students.

"Her name is Star and she's about ten months old. She is a Nigerian Dwarf, so she won't get that much bigger" said Hoy.

Though only 15 eighth graders get to go to We Day, you can honestly see that the event has inspired children of all ages to take action.

In the auditorium, a teacher asked "Who is going to change the world this week?" And the children all yelled in reply "Gooooo-at!"