Sunnyvale man accused of elder abuse in custody after 7-hour standoff

An armed suspect in Sunnyvale, accused of elder abuse is behind bars after a seven-hour standoff ended.

He surrendered to police Wednesday around 10:30 p.m.

Police rushed to a home near the Sunnyvale Public Library after a report of a senior citizen being attacked.

The police got everyone out of that house, but the suspect refused to leave, and, at one point, police say he went to the door and pointed a gun at them.

"During negotiations, the suspect presented himself at the front of the residence, he pointed a handgun at the officers in a threatening manner, and officers discharged their weapons in defense of their lives," said Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety Capt. Ryan Yin.

The suspect was not wounded, and ran back into the house and stayed there until he surrendered. 

The older woman who was attacked earlier in the day was treated for injuries.