Survivor impacted by 2 recent Oakland fires must rebuild life

For the second time in his life, Mark Doleman is trying to put things back together after a fire cost him everything. 

"We had a fire on Christmas Eve, and we moved to 2551 San Pablo, and that's where the fire happened four years later," says Doleman. 

He and his wife are just two of the more than 60 people displaced after last week's fire on San Pablo Avenue in Oakland.  The fire left Doleman with only the clothes on his back. 

"This is all I got. My brother in-law gave me a couple pair of pants.  I lost everything," says Doleman. 

Tuesday the city of Oakland opened a one-stop assistance center in Frank Ogawa Plaza to help all those affected by the fire rebuild and replace items they'll need to move on with their lives. 

"Restoration of ID's, the food bank, Alameda County Social Services and other agencies that we have involved," says Oakland Assistant City Administrator Claudia Cappio. 

The Red Cross is also helping out after the shelter that many of those displaced stayed in closed its doors Wednesday morning.  "What [are] their immediate emergency needs that we can help them with and from that we're going to go with referral services and financial assistance's if they qualify for and its available," says Olga Crowe with the American Red Cross.   

Officials say they helped 64 people on Tuesday and expect to help dozens more.  As the center is open 10 a.m. until 7pm until Friday to all fire victims and although he's without a home Doleman says he's not a victim, he's a survivor.   "I'm thankful for my life, because you can't replace that. You can replace the clothes and shoes and stuff like that.  But you can't replace your life," says Doleman. 

City officials say those displaced will receive priority for a place to sleep at one of the city's shelters.  Also those affected are recommended to drop by the center because there's a chance financial assistance may come available for them at a later time.