Suspect arrested after bullets fired at Booksin Elementary in San Jose

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San Jose police said late Tuesday night that they have arrested a suspect in connection with the shootings of at least two security cameras at Booksin Elementary School in Willow Glen earlier in the day.

They identified the suspect as Nicholas O'Connor, 21, of San Jose in connection with shooting a gun in a school zone. No motive was provided. He was arrested at his home, police said.

About 4 a.m. on Tuesday, two security cameras were riddled with bullets following a similar incident on Veteran's Day weekend when a third camera was damaged.

Neighbor Karen Scherrer walked across the school and was calling 911 when she heard the shots. Against the dispatcher's orders, she said she chased the gunman.

"There was no police there yet," she told KTVU on Tuesday "I was running after him. But he was fast.”

Officers conducted a home-by-home search but did not find a suspect. However, a firearm was located in a backyard and police are working to see if it was used in the most recent shooting.

Police said the cameras were hit by a small-gage shotgun at the school library.