Suspect arrested for attacking UC Berkeley employee with chemicals

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BERKELEY (BCN and KTVU) A suspect who attacked a woman with "caustic chemicals" on the University of California at Berkeley campus has been arrested.

Police say registered sex offender William Kearney, 62, was arrested in the incident. 

A female university custodian walked into a bathroom in Wheeler Hall at 1:35 a.m. April 4 and saw Kearney, who is a transient, police said. She then told him to leave because the building was closed.

Kearney followed the woman out of the building and allegedly threw a chemical - an industrial-strength cleaner - at her, according to police. He then fled the scene.

The victim suffered chemical burns and was taken to an emergency room by Berkeley Fire Department firefighters.

Police said they searched the area but could not locate the suspect. The suspect was later located and taken into custody. 

At this point, additional details on the arrest have not been released.