Suspect in Palo Alto sexual assault arrested by UC Berkeley police

A 34-year-old man was arrested Tuesday in connection with an alleged sexual assault in Palo Alto by UC Berkeley's police as they investigated a series of gropings on campus.

Daniel Widyanto Condronimpuno, of San Francisco, was arrested Tuesday by UC Berkeley police and is believed to be responsible for a brazen daytime sexual assault of a woman at a Palo Alto underpass, Palo Alto police said.

UC Berkeley police, meanwhile, have said they arrested a suspect yesterday, who they believe touched women inappropriately in several recent incidents. However, they have not released the name of that suspect despite KTVU's inquiries. 

The most recent groping incident investigated by UC Berkeley was reported about 12:20 a.m. Tuesday as a woman was walking on the west side of the Foothills Complex.

Police say the suspect grabbed the woman from behind and knocked her down to the ground. She was able to escape.

Authorities are working to determine whether Condronimpuno was the suspect who grabbed a UC Berkeley student's butt on Saturday by the Memorial Stadium, and then groped another student near Stephens Hall on Sunday. Another groping incident happened last Wednesday at Eucalyptus Grove.

Students told KTVU the recent alerts have put them on edge. 

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"It’s concerning if there’s someone who is a serial assaulter going after Berkeley residents and students," student Anna Magruder said. "It definitely makes you want to watch your back. "

"It’s scary," student Jason Yang added. "I already knew coming in Berkeley was not the safest space, but this kind of just compounds all of those thoughts in my mind."

Since the case is still under investigation, anyone with any information about these incidents is asked to call UCPD at (510) 642-6760.