Inflation: Is it close to peaking? Economists weigh in

The federal government reported, the inflation rate grew to 8.5%, the highest since more than four decades when Jimmy Carter was president. For many years, 2% inflation didn't matter to most consumers and was not a political issue. Things have changed.

Berkeley heeds calls for unity at rally for Ukraine

The sound of the Ukrainian national anthem and the blue and gold colors of the Ukrainian flag rose above the city of Berkeley Thursday, as about one hundred people gathered for a rally in response to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's call for a worldwide Day of Unity.

Gov. Newsom signs legislation to overturn UC Berkeley enrollment cap

Following the California Legislature's unanimous vote on Monday to overturn a recent court ruling that would have forced one of the nation’s most prestigious universities to turn away thousands of students from its incoming freshman class, Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed the bill into law. 

UC Berkeley declines group’s offer to admit 1K more students

Save Berkeley Neighborhoods said in a statement that it would agree to a temporary or partial stay of the state Supreme Court ruling to freeze next fall’s enrollment at 2020-21 levels, meaning the prestigious public university will have to accept about 3,000 fewer students than planned.