Suspect arrested in brutal assault of 88-year-old San Francisco grandmother

San Francisco Police arrest an 18-year-old Keonte Gathron in the brutal assault of a 88-year-old grandmother in a neighborhood park. The victim, Yik Huang remains in critical condition two weeks after she was found badly beaten outside her Visitacion Valley home in San Francisco.

Police said evidence links Gathron to the crime. They arrested him after officers say he committed another robbery Saturday night.

“My grandmother was brutally assaulted and left to die in a park across from her home,” said Victim’s Granddaughter Sasanna Yee.

Yee posted an update on Facebook Sunday on her grandmother's condition. Back on January 8, Huang was attacked doing her routine morning exercises. She’s been at San Francisco General Hospital ever since making small improvements.

“We were just ecstatic when we saw her smiling at us,” said Yee. “Her eyes opened and looked at us. We were so overjoyed.”

The update comes as San Francisco Police announce the arrest of Gathron. Police said he's the assailant who beat the grandmother after breaking into her longtime Visitacion Valley home. Police said Gathron was arrested in San Francisco after committing another robbery believed to be a carjacking.

“I think the family has mixed reactions, emotions,” said Family Spokesperson Cynthia Choi. “They are still absorbing the news.”

Choi said the two did not know each other. It’s unclear why Huang was targeted. Police are not revealing much on the suspect not even a booking photo.

“Attacking a senior is one of the worst things you can do,” said San Francisco Supervisor Shamann Walton. “When something like this happens, it's an attack on everyone.”

The assault falls in Walton’s district. He said the community is relieved with an arrest yet still traumatized. The victim is known as Grandma Huang.

“We are focused on bringing the substation to the community, bilingual officers also expanding our community ambassadors program,” said Walton.

He also said they are looking into installing cameras in commercial corridors and in neighborhoods to address community concerns. Huang’s family remains hopeful their beloved grandmother will heal.

“With your prayers, with your light, she is staying strong,” said Yee.

Gathron is currently facing several charges which include second degree robbery, child endangerment and assault with a firearm. His bail is set at $368,000.

A Go Fund Me page for the grandmother has raised nearly $8,000 in eight days.