Suspect flees Santa Clara officer

SUNNYVALE, Calif. (KTVU) - Santa Clara police are searching for a suspect Thursday morning. 

The suspect left the scene in a silver sedan and has not yet been located. As the suspect left the scene an officer held onto the suspect's vehicle while it took off. The officer then ran with the car as the suspect began to drive away. The officer let go so he wouldn't get hurt. An open car door hit the officer. 

Police tell KTVU around 1 a.m. Thursday officers spotted a suspicious vehicle in the parking lot of 24 Hour Fitness. It appeared the man inside was living in his vehicle.

They approached him and determined he was wanted for several misdemeanor warrants.

When officers tried to get the man into custody, he started driving off and dragged one of the officers who was still holding on to the car.

The officer let go and fortunately he was not injured. The suspect got away and police are looking for him.

Crime scene technicians have been collecting evidence at the scene for their investigation. KTVU is told that during this incident, no shots were fired and police did not deploy their tasers. Right now, they're just focusing on getting that suspect in custody. He will face charges of assault with a deadly weapon.