Suspect flees scene of Hayward shooting, victim sent to hospital

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Hayward police say a shooting suspect has fled the scene and a young, male victim has been sent to the hospital Thursday night. %INLINE%

Sgt. Ray Kelly said the shooting occurred outside a liquor store at 210 A Street near Princeton Street at around 7:55 p.m.

Alameda County Sheriff's Office responded to the scene and said the victim's injuries were non-life threatening and that their detectives would conduct follow up. 

"He got lucky," Kelly said, adding that the victim was shot multiple times and that the shooting resulted from an altercation in and around the store, which is just outside the Hayward city limits at the Alameda County-Hayward border.


Police said the victim was transported to the hospital. 

Deputies believe the suspect left the area and that there is no immediate threat to the public. 

The shooting remains under investigation. 

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