Suspect in critical condition, SFPD officer shot; chaotic afternoon in SF Mission

Chaos erupted in a San Francisco neighborhood Wednesday as six people were shot and wounded in a barber shop, including a San Francisco police officer. 

It happened near the corner of Mission Street and Geneva Avenue, at about 4:30 p.m., when stores and sidewalks were bustling. 

People dove for cover when the shootout started, and one of those wounded was a teenage bystander. 

"I just heard gunshots so I came out to see because I live right on the corner," said resident Torren Beitler," and I heard seven or eight loud gunshots, five at first, then three after." 

San Francisco police say the call originated a few blocks away, in the 200 block of Amazon Avenue, a report of a man with a gun. 

By the time officers arrived, the man had fled to the Amazon Barbershop on the corner, and police trailed him there, ending in the confrontation. 

"There was an exchange of gunfire, it happened inside the barber shop," said Sgt. Michael Andraychak of SFPD, explaining that the suspect was wounded, and is in critical condition. 

Andraychak could not say who the other individuals are, or their connection, if any, to the suspect.
They range in age from 24 to 48. 

"We don't have that information for you because this is the early stages of the investigation, folks are receiving medical treatment and we are still interviewing witnesses." 

Besides the suspect, one other person has potentially life-threatening injuries and is in serious condition. 

The other three men, including the officer, are in fair condition. 

No information is being released on the minor child. 

Video from a passerby shows the downed officer, shot in the leg, crawling along the sidewalk to safety. 
Another person appears to be crouching, bleeding, in the doorway of a pharmacy steps away. 

A witness at a nearby business saw police bring several people brought out of the barbershop, and take them into custody. 

The police chief, while checking on his officer at the hospital, alluded to more than one person involved. 

"Officers made contact with several individuals in the business and shots were exchanged, " said Chief WIlliam Scott, "and this is an active and ongoing investigation in its early stages." 

The investigation attracted onlookers and snarled streets well into the evening. 

The police perimeter was dropped at about 9:15 p.m., after which several men left the barbershop, but had no comment. 

Although the incident happened in a busy area with many witnesses, police are asking for anyone with information or video to come forward. 

As always with an officer involved shooting, the department will hold a town hall meeting within 10 days to review what happened.