Suspect in Richmond McDonald's drive-thru attack on mother surrenders, charged by D.A.

A woman made locally infamous for her alleged attack on a mother with her children at a Richmond McDonald's drive-through last month has surrendered to police this week. She was arrested and has now been charged by the Contra Costa County district attorney, officials say.

Rhyan Hodge, 29, of Bay Point, surrendered to Richmond police without incident before being booked on multiple offenses on Tuesday. She now faces charges, announced by the D.A. on Thursday, that include; child endangerment, felony assault and leaving the scene of an accident. 

Video of the Feb. 5 incident at the Macdonald Avenue and 23rd Street location showed how things quickly escalated from an expletive-filled rant over cutting in line, to Hodge allegedly throwing objects at the victim's van. 

We spoke to the victim, who only gave her first name – Amaro. She was with her two young children, ages three and five. 

Video captures the suspect ramming the victim's van. But things reached a boiling point when the victim stopped filming with her cell phone, got out of her van to prevent the suspect from fleeing. 

Richmond Police Department describe what happened next. "After the cell phone video ends, the confrontation continued to where the victim was struck with the suspect’s vehicle and carried on the hood of the vehicle for approximately 50 yards onto Nevin Ave. before she was thrown from it." 

The victim told KTVU after rolling off the hood of the car, she was then punched in the face by the suspect, but that she was physically okay. Meanwhile, she said her two young sons were traumatized. 

Police thanked the community for their support in identifying the suspect. 

"This crime was ultimately solved by the overwhelming support of our community and media partners, who, in partnership with the police department quickly identified the suspect and helped, bring resolution to the victim and her family."

We will keep you posted on any further developments in this case. 

Rhyan Hodge, 29, of Bay Point surrenders to and is arrested, charged by the Contra Costa DA with assault for an incident at a Richmond McDonald's drive-thru.