Suspect in shooting death of 19-year-old Oakland woman fled country

Police have charged a man with the shooting death of a 19-year-old girl in East Oakland earlier this month, but the suspect has fled the country, authorities said. 

According to Oakland police, Roberto Martinez is charged with murder and other weapons violations in the Dec. 10 killing of Madisyn White-Carroll. The woman was gunned down around 9 p.m. near 98th Avenue and E Street, just a few blocks from her home.

White-Carroll had just celebrated her birthday a few weeks before she was murdered. 

She was found dead in her crashed Chevy Malibu, her first car.

Oakland police have said very little about the suspect or a motive, but on Friday announced that the Alameda County District Attorney's Office charged Martinez with the woman's murder. 

Officers haven't made an arrest because Martinez has left the country. Authorities haven't said which country he escaped to. 

White-Carroll's father, Erik Carroll, said he knew something was wrong with his daughter who was always reliable, when she didn't pick up calls from him or her mother, Shauna White. 

"She wasn't answering, and that's unusual, whenever we call, she always picks up the phone," her father said. "She was a good girl, I never had no problems with her. And she was full of life, loved life and she loved her family."

Her family wants people to know that she was smart and hardworking, a very poised and caring person.

White-Carroll was the family problem-solver who helped care for her four younger siblings, two brothers, and two sisters.  

"I loved her so much, she was my best friend and I used to tell her everything," said her sister, Eris. "My sister didn't deserve this at all, she was the nicest person. She was the most innocent person, she didn't deserve this."