Suspect praised Jesus over and over after slamming into pedestrians in Sunnyvale

New cell phone video obtained by KTVU shows the man accused of intentionally crashing into a crowd of people on a Sunnyvale street corner can be heard praising both Jesus and the Prophet Elijah. 

Suspect Isaiah Peoples is seen handcuffed and sitting on the ground as Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety officers take him into custody. As witness Shantain Vargas pans her phone from left to right and back, you can see the suspect, victims and carnage. 

“As he was sitting there waiting he kept on saying, ‘Thank you, Jesus. Yes, Jesus. Praise Jesus,’” said Vargas. “He actually felt like he was doing a service. He kept on saying, ‘yes,’ and he was not remorseful at all."

“He didn’t say sorry. He wasn’t feeling sorry. He just kept yelling out, praising Jesus. And saying thank you to Jesus. And the vibe that I got was that this was a service to God,” said Vargas.

Witness Don Draper saw Peoples speed past him while sitting at a red light around 6:30pm Tuesday. He says the suspect plowed into a crowd without breaking or swerving to avoid people at the corner of South Sunnyvale Avenue and El Camino Real in Sunnyvale.

“I was yelling at him, ‘what’s the matter with you,’” said Draper. “He was inside the car, the airbags had popped and he was sitting there and saying thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus,” said Draper.

The chaotic and violent scene has left a lasting impression on some witnesses who say it feels the troubles of the world have found its way to the Bay Area.

“It makes me wonder what’s going on in this world now. It’s probably the closest thing to home (mass violence) that’s happened to me. So it makes me worry about my own kids. And letting them walk, and ride bikes, and do all that stuff. So it makes me think twice,” said witness Laura Aguirre.

Late Wednesday afternoon, the Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety chief said there’s no connection between suspect Isiah Peoples and the eight victims. Peoples wasn’t hurt in the crime. 

A 13-year-old child is in critical condition at Lucille Parkard Hospital for Children. A 32-year-old woman has major injuries and is in stable condition at a South Bay Hospital, as well as 33 and 52-year-old men. Both have major injuries and are in stable condition. 

The other victims have been treated and released from either local hospitals, or they were treated and released from the crime scene.