Suspects charged in San Francisco retail thefts enter not guilty pleas

The majority of the suspects arrested in connection with the mass retail robberies in San Francisco last week were in court on Wednesday and formally charged.

Five of the nine suspects appeared before a judge and entered not guilty pleas.

The judge ruled that two of the women, Kimberly Cherry and Francill White, who prosecutors say were arrested with $28,000 worth of merchandise in their vehicle are eligible for release if they can raise $5,000 bail.

Prosecutors said Ivan Speed was arrested with $13,000 in stolen merchandise in his possession. They said he dumped another $14,000 worth of stolen items nearby. The judge ruled that given his extensive criminal background that he is to remain in custody.

As for the two men prosecutors say were seen in a viral video that features officers arresting suspects in a silver Ford Mustang, Jamisi Callaway is facing firearms charges. Investigators said he had a gun with him in that car.

Prosecutors allege Tomiko Miller was also in that car. He's accused of looting and burglary charges.

KTVU spoke to Miller's mother before the hearing and she said he was there in Union Square and may have been involved in the looting. But she said police used excessive force when taking him into custody.

"I don't think that's fair of course they've done wrong," said Jackie Miller. "I know they've done wrong by all means. But please stop beating these young men like that. That could be someone else's child. So, I fear for my son's life when he comes in here and my nephew, and other people's kids too, not just mine."

All five suspects are due back in court next week. It's unclear when the other four suspects who were arrested in San Francisco Friday night will be formally charged.