Taste of Denmark bakery closing in Oakland after 93 years

One of Oakland's oldest businesses, A Taste of Denmark bakery, announced that it's closing.

The 93-year-old bakery on Telegraph Avenue told KTVU they are going out of business soon, and hope customers will come say goodbye. 

"Birthdays just won’t be the same," said Larry Baack, who said five generation of his family come here. "We’ve always had birthday cakes here and every other kind of goodie for all these generations .From my grandparents to my parents to me to my children and my grandchildren."

"Heartbreaking," said Alise Henderson. "I’ve been coming here since I was 8-years-old. And I will be 58 on Saturday."

Bakers are baking all of their favorites this weekend for customers to come grab for the last time before they shut for good on Sunday afternoon.

The bakery, formerly called Neldams, was opened in 1929 and has been a bakery since then. In 2010, former employees took over the bakery and formed it into a co-op.

Ramon Luna, one of the co-op owners  said they took a big hit during the pandemic.

"A big part of our business is the catering business. And so when the pandemic happened it took that whole catering business out of the equation and made it really hard for us to stay open."

He also said operating in this area of Oakland is expensive. "The rent’s really high. And we get our windows broken every three weeks," said Luna.

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Through the years, it has been a go-to spot for many in the Bay Area. Cashew curls and vanilla bites were among fan favorites, and cakes for almost any occasion could be found there.  

It will close its doors for good Sunday at 3 p.m.

Customer Jan Novie said he was shocked when he heard about the closure, and calls it a loss for the community. "It’s the best, it really is. There’s nothing quite like it. It’s old fashioned and delicious and reliable that way."