Taylor Farms' Bob Borzone talks rainy winter's impact on seasonal produce

Taylor Farms' Bob Borzone stopped by KTVU to discuss what the wet winter meant for this season's produce. 

Borzone says only several items were severely impacted due to gaps in the planting season. Due to rain, farmers had trouble planting certain crops including celery and green onions.

That means you might see celery for as much as $5 per stalk, but those prices are expected to drop. 

Watermelons were also impacted, since the rain knocked the flowers off some vines. 

Overall, the rainy winter had a positive impact on this season's produce.

According to Borzone, it's expected to be a banner year for artichokes. "Castroville had one of the more prolific growing seasons they've ever had," he said. 

The strawberries loved the wet season. Strawberry season begins in Watsonville this week, so there should be a decrease in price over the next several weeks.