Taylor Swift fan with genetic disease secures ADA seats for Levi's show after social media plea

The highly anticipated day has arrived for a Taylor Swift mega fan, that means dancing with joy as she gets to see her idol up-close and personal.

Ariana Kallas, a recent El Camino High School graduate, suffers from Morquio Syndrome, a condition that affects her body and growth. To fully enjoy the concert experience, she requires Americans with Disability Act seating, as her father cannot carry her up and down rows of seating.

KTVU previously covered Kallas, who used a wheelchair to cross the graduation stage. Despite the challenges, she remains enthusiastic and eager to witness Swift's performance from a comfortable area.


High-school grad with genetic disease seeks ADA seats to Taylor Swift South Bay concert

High-school grad, and Taylor Swift fan, seeks help exchanging standard seat tickets for ADA seats, to attend Swift's South Bay concert in July.

However, the excitement hit a snag when ticket purchases for ADA seating encountered a snafu. Kallas and her father, George Kallas, turned to social media, making heartfelt appeals for assistance.

"From that, I guess people had seen it. And I got contacted by Levi’s Stadium and said they’d love to accommodate us and others in our situation," he said.

The stadium management extended their support, confirming that the Kallas family will be accommodated with ADA seats for the concert.

"We can confirm that the Kallas Family has been accommodated and moved to ADA seats for their show this weekend. We look forward to hosting them," said stadium officials.

George Kallas expressed his gratitude, saying, "We are just ecstatic that they did that for us. We just want to thank them from the bottom of our hearts."

The joyous occasion promises to be a memorable one for Ariana Kallas, who will finally see her fave grace the stage for an electrifying night, surrounded by fellow Swifties.