Teacher helps Bay Area teen who has cerebral palsy with 'promposal'

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Frank Somerville posted on his Facebook page about a Bay Area teen's sweet "promposal." 

Frank wrote:

"Alesia Fitting-Urban sent me this story about her son. It totally made my day. You can't help but smile when you read the story.

Here’s what she wrote:

'This is my son Adam. He's a junior at College Park High School. He has cerebral palsy, seizures and is developmentally delayed. Last night was his junior prom!

His amazing date Megen is a TA in his class and has known him since junior high. He adores her! She is such a special girl. I can't say enough!

With help from his teacher, he purchased roses and the balloons that said 'PROM?' The next day when Megan came to class, Adam and his classmates were waiting and she said yes! His school voted him best promposal.
They also refunded his ticket money for the prom.

I've been crying tears of joy for the last week!

College Park HS really does have some caring kids and I so appreciate how they include and cheer my son on! Words can't express my gratitude!

---Alesia Fitting-Urban"