Teachers, district make small compromises as New Haven strike enters second week

The teachers strike in the New Haven Unified School District has now entered its second deal as no deal was struck over the long holiday weekend.  

Some progress was made on Monday, and both sides at one point had felt hopeful. But by nightfall, a
a marathon bargaining session had broken down again.

The teachers association met with management for a total of 30 hours over the holiday weekend to negotiate. Both sides made some adjustments. 

The union initially wanted a 10 percent salary increase over two years – that demand has been changed to a 3.7 percent increase this school year, and 3.26 for 2019-2020.

The district increased its offer to a 2 percent salary increase next year, instead of 1 percent – plus a one-time 3 percent bonus.

"There has been some movement which has been great," said district spokesman John Mattos. "Every 
 administrator will take three furlough days to try and put some money together.”

The district says New Haven has the highest paid teachers in Alameda County and if they go any higher they will have to make deep cuts that could jeopardize the quality of programs. 

Teachers say they have to pay for health insurance out of pocket – and want a cost of living allowance.
It’s just weeks away from graduation and some seniors are stressed about their final exams. 

 “We’re hoping that we can get back with enough time to study for our finals and make last minute changes to improve ourselves,” said Matthew Lam, Logan High School senior. 

Parents and students are organizing a march in front of the district office on Tuesday and talks resume on Wednesday.