Tech-savvy teen takes on e-waste, gives community fixed computers

A teenager in the North Bay started a project using e-waste to help the community.

Logan Ober of Rohnert Park said computers have helped him get through challenges, and he wants to give back.

He is using his talent and skills to help others.  The 17-year-old shared that the journey hasn't always been an easy one.

Logan fixes broken computers and gives them away to students and other people who need them.

"It makes me happy when I am able to help others and make them happy," said the high school student.

Logan said he started his passion project about a year ago when he repaired two broken computers for a teacher and decided to channel his skills into a way to help others who couldn't afford a laptop or desktop

Among those he's helped is a daycare, Redwood Country Kids Club where he received childcare himself as a little boy.

"The donations have helped us.  We're able to let the kids use them for educational games," said Nancy Young with the daycare.

The senior from Rancho Cotate High said he asks schools, government agencies and any place looking to get rid of old, broken and unused computers, to donate them to him so he could make them useful again. .

"Someone's trash is someone's future. Like they could do anything with it," Logan said he has overcome challenges living with high functioning autism and anxiety.

"I didn't think I was going to make it through elementary school," the teenager said computers changed his life.

"I was angry or upset and I had the computer, it helped me connect with the world differently," said Logan.

"Logan to me is one of the most empathetic young men that I have taught," said Matt Carp, a teacher at Rancho Cotate High. 

He said he was impressed by Logan's focus on people, "Logan is remarkable in his ability to look at a situation and understand how people feel and what they need and how to address that."

Logan has advice for those facing challenges, "There are a lot of people out there who care.  There are a lot of support systems that you need to find.  Don't give up."

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Logan is set to graduate from high school in June.  He plans to attend community college.

His dream is work for a tech company and create a program to repair old computers and donate them to people who need them.

Anyone wanting to donate e-waste to Logan: