Teen creates app to make sure kids never have to eat lunch alone

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A 16-year-old has developed an app to help combat bullying and make sure that no kid has to eat lunch alone.

Natalie Hampton, an 11th grader from Sherman Oaks, California came up with the idea for the app, called Sit With Us, when she was forced to sit alone at lunch in school, she told NPR.

Those who have the app can become ambassadors and host "open lunches" that other users can see- and join in real life at lunchtime. 

Hampton left the school where she says she felt isolated, and made friends at her new one. But she wanted to help those who had those feelings of loneliness every day. Hampton says, "Well, I felt that if I was thriving in a new school but didn't do anything about the people who feel like this every single day, then I'm just as bad as the people who watched me eat alone."

The app was released last week and already has downloads outside of the United States.

Hampton and her mother also recently learned that nurses at UCLA are using the app to help coordinate their lunches.

Hampton's mother says they are "blown away by the response to my daughter's pet project".