Teen saves umpire's life during game

DARBY, Pa. (WTXF) It was an amazing save on the baseball diamond. Saving people has been the life long dream for Junior Darby Firefighter Michael Brodzinski, but the 16-year-old did not expect it to become a reality after tagging 2nd base during a community baseball game at Delcroft Elementary School in Folcroft Monday night.

"They went to throw the next pitch and the umpire just fell over," he told FOX 29.  "They thought he overheated, so they were trying to cool him down with some water, but nothing was happening. They lifted him up and his face was really blue."

Michael says he ran over to home plate and called upon the CPR training he received as a junior member of Darby Fire Company One. Training he got just 6 months ago.

"I hop in, I took his padding off his chest, started chest compressions and breaths, and that's it," he explained. "I would do 30 chest compressions and 2 breaths; that's the ratio."

He kept it up for about a minute.

"You could hear him trying to catch a breath and sometimes his stomach would move a little bit" But no steady breathing," Michael said.

He says the ump got a pulse by the time the EMTs got to the scene. The umpire was eventually on his way to HUP and Michael was on his way to becoming a social media sensation The fire company posted his heroic act on Facebook and he is receiving congratulatory messages from all across the country.

"A lot of people texting me and calling me and stuff," he said.

They're calling him a hero, but the humble, yet brave teen says, he was just answering his calling.

"I don't even know what I was thinking. I just seen it. I knew I had the training, I was confident in myself. I wanted to help the guy, so I hopped in."

Family members ID'd the rescued Delco umpire as 55-year-old Robert Trasatti. They say he is at HUP and will have a triple bypass operation. His wife and two sons are with him. Michael plans on visiting him soon.