Teen says principal made her remove Trump MAGA apparel on school's patriotic day

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A day to show off American patriotism at a high school in New Hampshire turned controversial over one girl's Trump-themed apparel.

Ciretta Mackenzie, 15, an Epping High School first-year, said she didn't think that wearing a Trump T-shirt and a "Make America Great Again" hat to class on her school's American Pride Day would be a problem. But apparently, the principal told her to cover up the shirt and remove the cap because they violated the school's dress code.

"It was a shirt and it only says, 'Trump: Make America Great Again,'" Ciretta said. "It doesn't say anything like 'build a wall,' so I don't understand how anyone could be offended, how it's disrespectful."

In a statement, the superintendent said that two students were asked to change items of clothing.

"This incident has been under investigation since Tuesday morning and is currently still under investigation," the superintendent said. "We will take steps to remedy this situation for all parties involved and ensure that this type of situation never happens again in any Epping school."