Teens throw wild party at vacant Santa Rosa home rebuilt after wildfires

Homeowners who are rebuilding in the Santa Rosa burn area are angry after a group of teens threw a wild and destructive party at their almost-finished home.

The owners said it's not the first time something like this happened in the area. 

The party was all caught on home security cameras last Friday and shows a mob of young people, breaking into the empty home in the Fountain Grove neighborhood. 

The uninvited guests, about 40 teens, partied hard and trashed the home, throwing furniture, kicking holes in the walls, and urinating and vomiting all over the place. 

"And then, of course, we have the Snapchat video which shows the party in my house that was created by the teens that were here. So, we have a lot of evidence of what happened here," said the homeowner Rosemary. 

She posted the video on social media, but so did the perpetrators. 

"Since then it has gone viral and people are mad. Their friends, their peers, are telling on them. So the police have a lot of evidence if not only who was at the party, but were the key vandals at the party," said Rosemary.

But Emily, another resident in the neighborhood who's home was also trashed and burglarized in a similar incident, doesn't expect much from the police. 

"I'm really shocked that I can have names of people who were at my home; I can have them saying that they were at my house and nothing happens to them," said Emily. 

She even has an Instagram screenshot of a post that advertised a party at her home while she was away. 

In a scary twist, her friend found that the home was reposted for another party the next night when she was home alone with her small children. 

"I don't have a weapon. I don't have a gun and I grabbed my son's baseball bat and stood at the door and cars started showing up," Emily said. "I don't know who these people are or what they're gonna do."

Police finally arrived and the would-be partygoers were released. 

It's a call to action for resident Kathy who successfully organized fire victims to show strength to insurers when it came time for them to pay. This time party victims and neighbors plan to go to politicians, police and the public for action or elect those who will. 

"We need to get them together, get the facts together and present them as a group and say, 'this is too much.'"

Santa Rosa police said they're doing what they can within the limits of the law and their own resources.

Snapchat said it has safety teams that respond to any complaint of illegal activity that they learn of and work with the police. However, the social networking app said nothing about being proactive and learning about such posts to prevent the events from happening.