Tesla careens into San Mateo home, cars on steep street

A couple of San Mateo families got a bit of a shock when an electric vehicle launched off a roadway and into their home and vehicles on Friday morning. 

"My sister actually got an alert from the security alarm system to let her know that someone had broken into the house," Meredith Donato told KTVU. A short while later, her sister learned that a Tesla had actually driven into the kitchen of her mother's home. Donato's family has been living in the house for at least 25 years, but she's never seen a crash like this. 

"Honestly just amazed that no one was hurt… if my mother was in the house, she would absolutely have been drinking her tea at 7 a.m. in the kitchen," Donato said. "There's obviously property damage, but at the end of the day it's just stuff."

Other residents also saw their cars severely damaged in the crash.  

"My wife called in a panic," resident Sean Carmichael told KTVU. "'Something happened, an earthquake hit, heard a big crash.' Came back and found two of our cars destroyed, well half destroyed, and the kitchen was gone."

Carmichael, along with his daughter and another family member, were out getting coffee when the crash happened. His wife was at home, but not near the area of the crash.

"Luckily, no one was hurt, so that's nice," Carmichael said. He says the last time he saw a crash like this was about 25 years ago on the same street. 

"Maybe it's time to put some speed bumps down this road now," Carmichael suggested.