Text exchange: Wife says goodbye to husband during terrifying Southwest flight

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A Bay Area native is thankful to be alive and have her feet solidly planted on the ground after 17 minutes of "pure terror" on a Southwest flight Tuesday.

Gianna Baur is originally from Concord but lives in Dallas now. She was en route home to her husband when the jet blew an engine at 32,000 feet and got hit by shrapnel that smashed a window.

Read the text message exchange with her husband below: 

Gianna: Sorry didn't mean to FT

Chad: No worries (smiley face emoji) have a safe flight! 

Gianna: Love you!

Chad: Love you too! 

Gianna: Babe I love you

Oyxgyn (sic) came down



Chad Baur 

Please answer

We just dropped and the oxygen masks came down

Landing in philly (sic)


I love you so so much

I love you. I'm really scared

Please answer

Chad: What's wrong babe? 

Gianna: I don't know

It's so loud in the flight

Chad: I love you so much baby

Gianna: I think something may have hit the wing or something f

Chad: You're going to be fine

I love you so much darling

What's happening on the place right now?


Gianna: We all have masks

They announced we have to land

I'm so scared

Flight attendants are up checking oxygen

Is so bumpy

Emergency landing

I love you so much

Chad: I love you too 

I love you so so much

You're the most incredible thing that's ever happened to me

How far are you from landing?

Gianna: People are screaming

Someone needs CPR

Chad: It's going to be fine babe. I'm on the phone with Mom and Dad prayinnow (sic)

Gianna: I see the ground

Chad: Praying

Gianna: Almost landed

Chad: Ok

Gianna: She's praying over the speaker

Screaming for medical help

Chad: Ok

Do you know what happened???

Gianna: They're doing CPR in the aisle

No I don't 

Chad: Babe. I love you so much 

More than anything in this world

Gianna: She said we are almost landed

I love you so much

Chad: I love you too

Gianna: Please know that you are capable of anything 

You are the strongest most talented person I know

Chad: I love you Gianna. 

Gianna: I love you more than life

Chad: I love you more than anything in this world Gianna

Gianna: You and your family were the greatest gift in my life

Chad: How close are you??

Not were babe. Are. Are. Are

You're going to be fine

I need you

Gianna: I'm landed

We lost an engine

Chad: Holy sh*t