That Kid's Got Game: 10-year-old ninja destined for American Ninja Warrior

A teenage boy stood no chance on a ninja obstacle course against Taylor Greene.

Taylor is a professional ninja, gymnast and overall fierce competitor. And she’s just 10 years old. Her ninja skills, plus the training level she maintains, is unavoidably jaw-dropping. The girl from Denver, Colorado does next level back-flip-burpees and soars through the air, and then catches herself and then swings and then soars again. And for her skills, she’s this week’s talent on That Kid’s Got Game.

Taylor began with gymnastics. Her mom, Rebecca Greene, says she started practically as soon as she could walk. Greene, a former gymnast, knew Taylor would be tall (she’s 4’ 11” at 10 years old), so she didn’t bother putting her in serious gymnastics. Her involvement was more recreational. But Greene also recognized that Taylor had some distinct talent from a young age. 

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When Taylor was nine years sold she went to a birthday party at a local ninja gym, which now proves to be the introduction to a niche she’s built to succeed in. She began one-hour classes once a week. But soon her mom realized her potential was somewhat limited at that level. 

“When I saw that my little nine-year-old-girl was beating 13-year-old boys with ease in this little class, I thought I better look into something more serious,” Greene said.  

Then Taylor got linked up with Wolfpack ninjas, which is where she met decorated ninja Austin Gray. The two clicked. And despite the gym, which wasn’t far from Taylor’s house, unfortunately closing because of zoning issues with the building, Gray and Taylor have maintained a close relationship and train at least once a week. 

Three months into her training with Gray, Taylor was on a Wolfpack tour in November and took first place in the youth division just eight months from her first time on a legit ninja obstacle course. Since then Taylor has competed in about 12 competitions. She’s won over half and was standing on the podium for all but one. 

“The Wolfpack tour has been an amazing a chance to get to know the ninja community, and I can't say enough about what an amazing community it is,” Greene said. 

And in her first season of the Colorado Ninja League, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a series of meets at ninja gyms throughout Colorado, Taylor won. This summer she’ll be competing in the UNAA World Finals and hopes to be chosen on the first season of American Ninja Warrior Junior.


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