That Kid's Got Game: 7-year-old hockey player with twirling trick shot

Picture a twirling, lacrosse-style trick shot on ice. The dizzying move doesn’t have a name, but it sure is cool to look at, especially given that it’s coming off the hockey stick of a seven-year-old.

And for his sweet stick tricks, Noah Duffy is the first hockey player to be featured on That Kid’s Got Game. Sweet timing, too – what up, Stanley Cup Playoffs?

From Toronto, the youngster puts in work on the ice, including inside a 16 by 16-foot backyard rink his dad installed, and the result is supreme puck control.

“You don’t need an arena or a massive backyard rink to work on skill development,” Noah’s father wrote in an Instagram post. “Mohawks, repetitive shooting, etc., can all be done in a very small space.”

A quick glance at the Instagram page setup to showcase Noah and his older brother Cole on the ice is all you need to realize this is a hockey family. And Cole has some seriously skill, too. While there are no twirling trick shots authored by him on the page, there’s numerous demonstrations of skill and dedication. 

A post titled “Good thing I left the @gopro going” first shows Noah’s trick shot. Spinning with the puck remaining on his stick about a foot off of the ground, he does two full circles – never touching his stick or the puck on the ice – before launching it into the goal.

And then in a post two days later, he shows his move to big brother. This time it was about five full spins before putting it in the net. The dazzling display warranted a hug and cheer from his brother.

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