That Kid's Got Game: 9-year-old Fremont skateboarder lands multiple 540s

An Australian-born skateboarder living in Fremont has unshakeable determination and it shows. 

Phoenix Sinnerton, 9, moved to the East Coast when he was young, but the weather – being snowy and harsh in Boston – limited his skating time, which in turn impacted his happiness. So they moved to the Bay Area, where Phoenix is reassuring his parents that it was the right move, at least in terms if skateboarding. Phoenix is this week’s talent on That Kid’s Got Game.

For now, skateboarding is his primary sport, though he competed in football and practiced mixed martial arts previously. And while he undoubtedly holds his own on skateboard street ramps, its bowls and vert-ramps he likes to ride and compete in most.

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Described as a kind, caring young man, the nine-year-old can also handle a series of brutal crashes  – a nice compliment to being determined. “He will fall over and over again in an attempt to land a new trick,” she said. “It can take hours and he will not leave until he gets it.”

Phoenix, who displays latest tricks on his Instagram, competed this year in the Grind for Life series in Florida and Texas, where he was the series winner for his age group in the bowl and came in second for the series in street. This year he’s been grinding to master the 540 – a one and a half rotation – in the bowl. 

At just five years old, Phoenix dropped into the then-largest vert-ramp in the Southern Hemisphere. Since then at the Monster Skate Park in Sydney, he’s been etching his way into the skateboarding world with a particular brand of passion.

“He can be ill in bed and will cry because I won’t let him go skate,” said Philippa Sinnerton. 


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