That Kid's Got Game: Blind 11-year-old boy with an awesome jump shot

Richie can’t see. He’s never been able to see. The 11-year-old from Hercules was born blind. But that doesn’t stop him from practicing his jump shot. 

Before he shoots, Richie finds the basketball hoop by walking with his arms pointed out. And once he feels the hoop, and gets a better idea of the direction he needs to face, he backpedals to wherever he wants to shoot from. And for his skill and admirable drive, Richie is this week’s talent on That Kid’s Got Game.

His grandmother Terrie Ririe said Richie started liking basketball when he was four, and now he's on the court practicing four times a week. Around that time his love for the Warriors developed. He can’t go to games, Ririe said, because the auditory stimuli are too much. His dream is to meet Stephen Curry. Recently a “fake Stephen Curry” reached out to the family. Ririe said it broke their hearts.


Richie enjoyed the Warriors be crowned champions on Friday for the third time in four years. He said he knew the Warriors were going to win and he “wasn’t worried about a thing.”

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