That Kid's Got Game: Brothers' trick shot videos attract more than 1 million YouTube subscribers

The eldest of six Wisconsin siblings started a YouTube channel about five years ago and became curious with video editing. A few years later and he, along with his three brothers, have more than 1 million subscribers to their trick shot YouTube channel called “That’s Amazing.” 

From flipping a water bottle and landing it perfectly upright 1,000 times in a row, to hitting a bullseye on a dart board from a second-story window, the brand these kids built is uniquely special. It requires not only creativity, but superior patience, determination, a pinch of luck and a lot of skill, making them the first bunch of brothers to be featured on That Kid’s Got Game

The father describes the YouTube channel like a well-oiled machine, where differing parts complement each other. Tommy, a high school senior, created the channel he was 12 or 13 years old. Silly videos graduated to posting drawings of NBA players before they realized they’re actually trick shot prodigies. 

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Tommy is effectively the glue when it comes to how the squad operates. “He keeps the channel moving forward,” said Jim, father of the boys. 

Matthew, a freshman, likes to go for the ultra-tricky shots, like hitting the bullseye on a dart board after riding a fence line and threading the needle between a fence post.

Some of the stuff they do almost forces you to go: “Nope. No way.”

And upon rewinding, all you get is a closer look at how good they are. But smooth editing and an array of stunning shots to choose from leads viewers to forget how much you have to miss in order to make these kind of shots. You have to really want to make trick shot videos to be this good at making trick shot videos. 

“They are always thinking about trends and what could be entertaining,” Jim said. “They will spend hours trying a shot that has never been done before and they show a lot of fortitude and persistence.”

And then there’s the youngsters who are on pace to pass up their older brothers. Colin, 6, is described as “very coordinated and has always enjoyed being the center of attention in the videos.” He’s a big sports fan, loves football and soccer, and can be seen doing trick shots with three-year-old Owen, who manages to make it into the videos as a toddler. But as Jim puts it, “Colin takes a lot of the attention” when the two are together. 

So far, the boys were on Google 2016 Year in Search, featured on a Subway commercial, as well as appearing in commercials in Europe and South America. Colin, the 6-year-old who loves the camera, appeared on Live with Kelly and Ryan in September.

They have two sisters, Maggie and Isabel, who occasionally make appearances in the videos, but not nearly as often as their brothers. 

Over the last few years, “That’s Amazing” has produced 70 public videos that have garnered millions of views. Two of their videos, both water bottle flip trick shots, have more than 33 million views each. 


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