That Kid's Got Game: Nine-year-old Burlingame soccer player rainbow kicks ball into basketball hoop

Dax Tatos Mytels has got game.

And he has been selected to kick off our new That Kid's Got Game segment. 

The nine-year-old learned to walk by dribbling a soccer ball down the hallway of his home. His mother, Michele Tatos, said he calls soccer “the beautiful game.”

When Dax isn’t playing for the Burlingame Soccer Club, he’s in his backyard practicing trick shots. Not only did he learn the rainbow kick, which is a move where a player flips the ball over their head from behind their body, but he mastered his control enough to put make it in a basketball hoop. 

In the video, Dax is seen sizing up the hoop with a Nike ball properly positioned between his feet. And with a swift flip, he nails it: all net.

And his impressive footwork extends beyond combining two sports. The youngster’s juggling record is 202 and he’s perfected the around the world juggling trick.

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