That Kid's Got Game: Six-year-old junior golfer uses trick shots for creativity, resilience

One of the best junior golfers in the world uses jaw-dropping trick shots to help spark innovation and develop resilience. Meanwhile, the majority of the world does their best just to hit the ball straight. 

Isaac Riches is an Australian golfer who began with plastic clubs at 18 months old and now could likely beat the average adult in a round of 18 holes. He’s really good. Like placing third in the Junior World Championships good. And he’s just six years old. 

For dominating the greens and casually producing epic trick shots, Isaac is this week’s talent on That Kid’s Got Game. 

His game really started to take shape about two years ago when his parents bought him a set of official golf clubs and a course membership for Christmas. By age five, he was already invited to display his talent on The Jimmy Fallon Show. 

And if you missed Isaac’s appearance on late night TV, the interaction between him and his favorite golfer, Jason Day, is fantastic. Isaac tells Fallon that Day is his favorite and that if he ever met him, he’d give him a hug or a cuddle. Moments later, professional golfers Jason Day and Jordan Spieth come out to join three junior golfers in a game of golf skee-ball. 

Isaac and Day share a hug. It’s adorable. 

With trick shots, there’s often multiple attempts. Isaac’s dad said the repetition acts as “a great tool to develop his resilience and focus. It’s also a good way to set a personal challenge. This serves Isaac well, as his parents describe the eldest of three siblings as competitive and always trying to excel in whatever he does. 


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