That Kid's Got Game: Teenage ping-pong wizard with impressive trick shots

A teenage ping-pong wizard is making waves as his viral trick shot videos are catching eyes across the world. 

Nick Rudd is a 14-year-old from Australia with impressive talent. He can essentially put a ping-pong ball wherever he wants and his skills have landed him on That Kid’s Got Game.

Whether he’s putting out a candle with a ball or sending it straight through a moving roll of tape, Nick has a bevy of creative videos on his Instagram account that has over 80,000 followers. And he’s certainly produced some head-scratching shots, a few so elaborate he offers a link to a separate YouTube video to explain what exactly viewers just witnessed. 

Mobile users click here to watch a highlight reel of Nick's shots

Nick has playing ping-pong competitively since 2015 and competes for his school and city. His game really took off when he saw a trick shot online that inspired him to replicate it, which led to a spree of ideas. That was barely a year ago. Nick said he got started with trick shots in August 2017.

And he gets pumped up after a shot, rightfully so. When there’s a large library of impressive videos to watch, it’s easy to forget how long they may take to perfect. Fortunately, Nick offers blooper videos, and one is actually his most viewed post. 


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