The latest Bay Area numbers in the COVID-19 pandemic

The latest developments around the region related to the novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, as of Friday afternoon include:

The city of San Francisco and the counties of Marin and Contra Costa are now requiring residents to wear face coverings while not at home in order to further prevent the spread of coronavirus. The order extends to all residents, including anyone going to essential businesses and public facilities, performing essential work, or riding public transit.

Sonoma County Health Officer Dr. Sundari Mase Thursday issued a new health order that requires staff and visitors at group care homes and emergency first responders to wear medical grade masks and be checked for symptoms of the COVID-19 disease before starting work.

Berkeley Public Health Officer Dr. Lisa Hernandez issued an order on Thursday mandating masks, temperature screenings and symptom checks for workers and visitors at skilled nursing and residential care facilities to control the spread of the coronavirus.

In order to help slow the spread of the novel coronavirus in its cities' homeless population, Contra Costa County is delivering sanitation stations to encampments this week.

As of Friday at 2:30 p.m., officials have confirmed the following number of cases in the greater Bay Area region:

 • Alameda County: 1,063 cases, 40 deaths (1,009 cases, 39 deaths on Thursday)

 • Contra Costa County: 648 cases, 19 deaths (631 cases, 16 deaths on Thursday)

 • Marin County: 187 cases, 10 deaths (184 cases, 10 deaths on Thursday) 

 • Monterey County: 119 cases, 3 deaths (108 cases, 3 deaths on Thursday) 

 • Napa County: 44 cases, 2 deaths (39 cases, 2 deaths on Thursday)

 • San Francisco County: 1,058 cases, 20 deaths (1,019 cases, 17 deaths on Thursday)

 • San Mateo County: 797 cases, 28 deaths (767 cases, 28 deaths on Thursday)

 • Santa Clara County: 1,870 cases, 73 deaths (1,833 cases, 69 deaths on Thursday)

 • Santa Cruz County: 98 cases, 2 deaths (96  cases, 2 deaths on Thursday

 • Solano County: 156 cases, 2 deaths (141 cases, 2 deaths on Thursday)

 • Sonoma County: 172 cases, 2 deaths (163 cases, 2 deaths on Thursday)

Statewide: 27,528 cases, 985 deaths (26,182 cases, 890 deaths on Thursday)