The pumpkin struggle is real

Source: Sal Castaneda 

The pumpkin struggle is real.

Anyone in the Bay Area who carved a pumpkin for Halloween last Saturday is now finding a soggy mess on their front stoop. Just ask KTVU’s Sal Castaneda:
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Yes, that’s the price we pay for living in a place that enjoys temperatures in the 60’s during the fall while the rest of the country is dusting off its winter boots.

If you’re waking up to what could be the most disgusting thing you see today, here are some tips to cleaning up that rotten pumpkin mess:

  1. Don’t pick up the pumpkin. Chances are the bottom is a soggy mess and the gooey, moldy guts will just fall out and splash on to your flip flops.
  2. Get your green waste bin as close as possible to your ghoulish friend. Yes, you should compost your old jack-o-lanterns.
  3. Using a plastic trash bag, or some sort of non-porous device (like a shovel), carefully move your pumpkin to the bin.
  4. Move cautiously. Any mistakes and you could have a disaster on your hands.
  5. Dump the pumpkin into the bin. Do not dump the plastic trash bag into the bin. That’s irresponsible.
  6. If you were able to transfer your moldy pumpkin to the trash without making a mess, congratulations.
  7. For everyone else, ignore the moldy wet spot that is now on your front porch and proceed to go indoors and scrub your hands.