‘The Rock' surprises ‘100 and fabulous' fan, singing happy birthday to her in viral video

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson took time out from his busy schedule to wish one of his biggest fans a happy birthday, a woman from Philadelphia who just turned 100.

According to Buzzfeed, Jamie Klingler, a communications and events expert has a best friend whose grandmother, Marie Grover, has been one of “The Rock’s” biggest fan-girls for the past three decades.

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Klingler decided to reach out to Johnson’s publicist and agent before tweeting at “The People’s Champ” himself, sharing the memory of grandma Grover flaunting a “Rock” sweatshirt while bragging about how handsome he is, back when Klingler and her friend were just in high school.



Johnson, doing what he does best, replied the same day with excitement tweeting, “What?? First I’m hearing of this! Who’s turning 100? Beautiful age! What do you need, Jamie?”

Jonson promptly made a video of him singing “happy birthday” to the 100-year-young woman, adding that he was honored to have Grover as a fan, blowing her kisses and thanking her for her support.

“I’m sending you so much love, and a huge congratulations on 100 years, what an amazing life,” Johnson said in his shout-out video.

Klingler posted the video along with Grover reacting to the birthday wishes, tweeting, “Happy 100th birthday to Grandmom Grover, I cannot begin to thank @TheRock enough for making this happen.”

“Grandmom Grover is going viral at age 100 and I’m loving her joy at being internet famous for at least a couple of days,” wrote Klingler.