These 3 Bay Area roads are among the deadliest in the state

Two stretches of Bay Area freeways rank among the top five most deadly roads in California, according to a new study from 

The study ranks a portion of I-80 between exit 14A And 8A in Oakland and Berkeley the second most dangerous roadway in California. 

According to the study, 15 fatal accidents have happened along the five-mile stretch. In total, 17 people have died.

This section of I-80 is among the deadliest in the state. 

Not too far down the road another portion of I-80 was ranked the third most dangerous in California. 

18 people have died  along a five-mile portion from exit 15 to exit 21 near Richmond and Emeryville

This section of I-80 near Richmond is among the deadliest in the state. 

A stretch of I-880 between Oakland and San Leandro ranked the 33rd most deadly in California.