Thieves make off with cannabis and security guard's firearm in SF dispensary robbery

It's happened again. An organized group of robbers overwhelming security and stealing from a San Francisco business. This time it was a cannabis dispensary.

Police say they're looking for numerous suspects, who overwhelmed an armed guard and took his gun.

Security cameras captured the organized robbery on the south slope of Potrero Hill at about 6 o'clock Wednesday evening. The video shows numerous suspects rush to the front of an unmarked building.

The address is registered to a company called Mountain Dew Farms, a cannabis grower and dispensary. Police say the robbers overwhelmed the armed guard outside the business. 

"The victim stated that he was rushed by multiple suspects who were able to disarm the security guard of his fire arm," said Officer Robert Rueca from San Francisco's Police Department. "He was then forced inside the unoccupied building."

Inside for several minutes, the robbers opened the roll up door, and moved box after box of cannabis and other items from the business to at least three waiting vehicles. 

Multiple suspects then sped away in different directions. "We believe that the suspect targeted this location for the items that were being stored," said Officer Robert Rueca.

One day after the brazen robbery Mountain Dew employees worked on putting new cameras in place on the exterior walls.

San Francisco police continued their investigation, meeting with neighboring businesses and looking for video of the suspects. "We haven't confirmed the number of suspects," said Officer Rueca. "We are stating that they are multiple suspects in a number of different vehicles. Right now we are still working without witnesses and working to analyze surveillance video that captured the incident."

Police say the guard who was at the scene was treated for minor injuries on scene and released, but those suspects did take his gun in addition to the cannabis and other items from the business.