Thieves steal duffel bag from San Jose parking garage with pythons and blue-tailed lizard inside

Thieves who likely thought they were just stealing a duffel bag in downtown San Jose ended up got more than they asked for: Inside the bag, were four pythons and a specialty lizard valued at $5,000. 

“Can you imagine what their emotional response and reaction was when they opened up that bag and saw what they saw?”  asked Brian Gundy, who owns “For Goodness Snakes” and sells and breeds reptiles. 

Gundy had just wrapped up an educational presentation of some of his animals at the Martin Luther King Library in downtown San Jose on Saturday afternoon and was on his way to go home. His car was parked on the second level of the 4th and San Fernando Street garage. He put his belongings in a no parking zone before retrieving his car.

“As I was loading up my gear, I realized the bag that I had my four ball pythons and blue skink lizard inside that bag were gone and they were just there seconds ago,” Gundy said.

Gundy ran after a group of people he saw walk by his equipment but couldn't catch them. He doesn't think they knew what was inside.

Not every reptile was stolen: A 13-foot Burmese python inside an ice chest and a tegu lizard in a box were spared.

Gundy took to YouTube asking for the public's help. He fears the animals could be dumped at a pet shop or worse, a Dumpster.

“These are reptiles,” said Gundy. “Not everyone knows how to take care of reptiles. I have a concern for them. The sad thing too it happened on my birthday.”

Gunday hopes surveillance video in the area will lead to the identities of the thieves. He has filed a police report but doesn't want to press charges. All he wants is reptiles back with no questions asked.

“These are animals that I hatched,” said Gundy. “They are my babies.”