This San Francisco Walgreens shut down over 'severe rat infestation'

A Walgreens in San Francisco has  been temporarily shut down over a rat infestation.

The Walgreens in question, which is in the city's Noe Valley neighborhood, will not be allowed to reopen until it manages to pass a health inspection, according to a San Francisco Department of Public Health report first noted by SFGate.

Inspectors ordered the location closed on Nov. 8 after determining the establishment posed "imminent health hazards that could not be immediately corrected."

The inspector's report reportedly claimed that the store's food was "contaminated and/or adultered" by vermin and that gnaw marks and rat droppings were observed on "containers of noodles, flour and other food products." The culprit: a "severe rat infestation."

The store is the only Walgreen's presently closed in the San Francisco area for vermin-related reasons. The chain recently closed five stores in the city because of rampant theft.

The location's website reads that it "is temporarily closed and will reopen as soon as possible."