Thousands raised for San Jose church after holiday donation box stolen

Thousands of dollars were raised for a San Jose church that was hit by thieves last weekend. 

People from all over have stepped up to help Our Lady of Guadalupe Church after two men were seen on church surveillance video entering the church and walking off with the donation box. 

The box was filled with money made from selling holiday candles. After it's collected every year, the funds are used to buy gifts for children in the congregation, which are handed out during the day of the wise men celebration on Jan. 6. 

A GoFundMe page has raised more than $13,000 dollars to recover the money. 

 Father Menchaca said he has no ill-will towards the two thieves and shared a message of hope to the people who took the money. 

“I'm inviting the community to pray for these two individuals. I hope and pray that they will listen to this message," he said. "My hope is that they will repent. I think it goes with the spirit of Christmas which is a conversion of heart and change of heart and hopefully, they will return to the money.”