'Todd the Runner' from Castro Valley darts up Mt. Diablo in snow

With all the winter weather slamming California, it's not surprising that many of the Golden State's sun lovers bundle up and stay indoors. 

Not Todd Glieden.

He rushes outdoors.

Twice this week, the 56-year-old Castro Valley man darted up 3,800 feet to the peak of Mt. Diablo, just east of Walnut Creek.  

He took photos, his beard caked with snow, to show off his triumphant ascent.

"I've made this my life," Glieden said in an interview on Thursday. 

It would take more than record snowfall and freezing temperatures to keep Glieden down.

He is a lymphoma and heart attack survivor, who ended up shedding 100 pounds because he wanted to change his ways and lead a healthier life. He now stands 6 foot 4 and weighs 240 pounds. 

Glieden used to work at Home Depot and a countertop company, and rarely, if ever, exercised or took advantage of the Bay Area's beautiful outdoors. 

But after his brushes with death, Glieden had a physical and spiritual awakening.

The awakening led to a complete career change, too. 

"It was an eyeopening thing," he said. 

Glieden now runs Bay Trailrunners, where he produces races. His next one is on April 1 in Napa. 

He also travels all over the world running. He's got an upcoming trip to Utah, and was recently running in France. And of course, he runs all over the region.

One of his favorite runs is across the Golden Gate Bridge, overlooking the Marin headlands. 

"There are so many people who don't even know that all this is out there," Glieden said. "A lot of people thing they can't change and make it better. But they can." 

Todd Glieden of Castro Valley treks up Mount Diablo in the snow. Feb. 27, 2023

Todd Glieden reaches the snow-capped peak of Mount Diablo. March 1, 2023

Todd Glieden climbs up Mount Diablo in the snow. Feb. 27, 2023

Todd Glieden's friends trekking up Mount Diablo, and then running down in the snow. March 1, 2023 

Todd Glieden running with the Golden Gate Bridge in the backdrop. 

Todd Glieden, his brother, and friends running in Marin. 

Todd Glieden runs Bay Trail Runners. 

Mount Diablo was covered in snow. It's 3,000 feet to its peak. on Feb. 27, 2023

Mount Diablo was covered in snow on Feb. 27, 2023